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Fair Skin Spray Tan Tips

It’s a fact: the lighter a client’s skin, the more difficult it is to spray tan properly. Fair skin is more sun-sensitive than darker skin types. It also dries out more easily and ages more quickly. So here are some fair skin spray tan tips!

Use these to help even the lightest-skinned of your clients will walk away from a tanning session looking radiant:

1. Match solution and skin type Be careful about the spray tan product you use. Make sure it’s formulated especially for fair skin, like New Gorgeous’s Slightly Sunkissed solution. If you use product intended for darker skins, your client could end up with a tan that looks unnatural on them.

2. Exercise application savvy Choose product that colors the skin immediately upon application. That way, you can fix any mistakes to avoid the unevenness and streaking that show up so much more easily on light skin. Use less solution on elbows and knees. The drier skin present in those areas can cause a tan to appear darker. We strongly suggest using one of our airbrush machines that allow you the necessary control for fine application.

3. Remind clients to use sunscreen Spray tans do not protect against harmful UV radiation from the sun. Tell your clients to use sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 30 when they go outdoors. This will help shield them from sunburn, keep their skin moisturized and extend the life of their tan.

At New Gorgeous, we offer a range of tanning solutions to suit every skin type, from the very fairest to the very darkest. And we stand behind every product we sell. Contact us today and find out why New Gorgeous is the choice of more and more spray tan professionals around the world!

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