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Fair Skin?

A good portion of the clients who will come to you will be fair-skinned. Some, and especially those with red hair, will be exceptionally so. Many of these individuals, however, will also come with misperceptions of how dark you should make their skin.

As a general rule, light-skinned people should strive for a look that is lightly golden rather than deeply bronzed. So you should be sure to tell them that the darker they go, the more unnatural they will look.

Good spray tanning solutions to use on these kinds of clients are the New Gorgeous level 1 Slightly Sunkissed or level 2 Caribbean Cocktail. You can also mix and match the formulas to achieve a more customized look. But if you do that, you would be wise to test mixtures on small patches of client skin to see what works best.

What’s great about New Gorgeous spray tan solutions in particular is that they’ve been specially created with the needs of the fair-skinned in mind. People with light complexions are often the most difficult to spray tan because many of the formulas on the market will actually turn that kind of skin orange. Our solutions don’t.

The one thing that light-skinned clients will need to be aware of is that they will need to be just as vigilant about applying sunscreen as they were prior to getting spray tanned. That’s because spray tan formulas, even the very best, don’t contain SPF and leave skin vulnerable to the damaging effects of UV radiation.

What New Gorgeous tanning solutions do have is vegan certification. And for those with light complexions, this is especially good news because these individuals are also more likely to also have sensitivity issues.

Top salons and make-up stylists around the world use our products on celebrity clients, including Victoria’s Secret models. So why not treat your own clientele to the very best: contact us today and let us show you what New Gorgeous can do for your business!

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