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Client spray tanning concerns

When you’re working with a client, you get to see that person in a way that few others do: almost naked, with all physical flaws in plain view. While this may not be a problem for you, your client may express anxieties that you need to understand and know how to deal with.

“How do I stack up?”

Women clients in particular can be very sensitive about exposing themselves to you, especially if they opt to only wear a thong during the session. You may get questions such as “do I have more cellulite/fat than you’ve seen on others?” or “do I have too many freckles?” The best thing you can do in this kind of situation is to reassure your client that comparisons are useless. No ideal exists: everyone has flaws of one kind or another.

“Make my body look better”

You already know that you can enhance physical attributes and help tone down what doesn’t look quite as good. Skillful shading around the buttocks, for example, can add lift, just as the application of slightly warmer color on the back of thighs can conceal cellulite. But you may encounter some clients who will ask you to do the impossible, like give a sagging stomach/abdomen definition. You’ll need to be tactful and diplomatic and explain that spray tanning has limits: to go beyond them would create a look that would embarrass rather than flatter.

“Give me the darkest tan you can”

Some clients may come to you and say they want the deepest bronzing you can offer. This may work for those who have dark skin tones to begin with, but if the client is fair, you need to be careful to go no darker than two shades. Any more than that will make the person look unnaturally bronzed. And as the tan fades, he or she is in danger of a look that is dirty and marbled rather than soft and natural. A way around the problem is to spray tan small sections of the body with a shade that works and one that likely won’t.

New Gorgeous believes that spray tan beauty is a matter of education. People can look good, but only if they use the right solutions and know what those solutions can and can’t do for them.

Our New Gorgeous Training Institute will help you learn, or brush up on, everything you know about spray tanning, from product types to technique. When used in tandem with our world-famous solutions, your skills can help you create the beauty that brings business success. To learn more, contact us today!

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