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Blackheads and spray tanning

A spray tan is a fabulous way to improve personal appearance. But some clients – especially those with large pores – may have a problem with blackheads.

Blackheads are small, dark spots on the skin. They develop as a result of excessive oil production or oil-based creams and lotions that seep into the skin and cause blockages. If not properly cleansed, a blackhead can later develop into a pimple.

Skin also comes into contact with dirt and pollution on a daily basis. And clients with large pores are more vulnerable to the clogging effects of these toxins.

How To Reduce Blackheads

This is why it’s so important that these clients should exfoliate their skin before they come in for a spray tan session. Exfoliation not only gets rid of dead skin: it also helps get rid of blackheads.

It’s also the reason why they shouldn’t shave or wax the day of the spray tan. That’s because both activities take off a layer of skin and leave pores open. The pores then fill up with bacteria and harden as a result of being exposed to the air.

If clients have large pores, it might help for them to take a quick cool/cold shower an hour or so before the spray tan session. Doing so will help make pores smaller and therefore less susceptible to possible spray-tan induced blackheads.

Another way to reduce the likelihood of blackheads and other problems is to use all-natural sunless products like New Gorgeous. Our tanning solutions use only the finest pharmaceutical-grade ingredients. And they’re both vegan and PETA-certified.

Skin doesn’t have to be perfect to look beautiful. It just needs gentle products that “understand” it.

For sunless tanning solutions that are healthy for skins of every kind, order today!

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