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Airbrush Tanning Tips

The perfect skin bronze is only a ten-minute spray tan session away. But to look New Gorgeous beautiful, your clients have to prepare before their visit with you.

Perfect tan tip #1: exfoliate

Clients must fully exfoliate their skin before their visit with you. That’s because sloughing off dead skin cells eliminates the chance that tanning solution will darken the dry skin areas and create color unevenness.

They should also avoid using oil-based scrubs as the residue will act as a barrier and prevent the tanning solution from penetrating the skin.

Perfect tan tip #2: use barrier cream

Some areas, such as the elbows, knees, palms and soles of the feet, tend to darken more quickly than the rest of the body. Making sure clients use a thin layer of barrier cream on these parts will ensure that a spray tan comes out looking as natural as possible.

Perfect tan tip #3: be shade-selective

Clients should avoid going too dark all at once, especially if they happen to be fair-skinned. They should also choose a solution that works best with their particular complexion. If they wish to increase color intensity, they should do so gradually and over successive spray tan sessions.

Perfect tan tip #4: treat spray tans with care

An airbrush tan is essentially a cosmetic. While it’s not as easily removed as regular make-up, it still needs to be treated with care. Otherwise the tan will fade more quickly than need be.

Clients should wear loose clothing after a tanning session to ensure that excess tanning solution doesn’t go on clothes. They should also avoid showering for the rest of the day and use only gentle, non-abrasive soaps to wash all parts of their bodies, including their faces. Daily moisturizing with non-mineral oil-based creams is also essential.

Of course, flawless tans begin with high quality products that work with all skin types and complexions. Our world-famous tanning solutions use only the finest vegan-certified ingredients to create looks that are as healthy as they are beautiful. For the best in bronzing, think New Gorgeous!

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