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Airbrush Tanning over Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are a common problem for clients. Often, they result from pregnancy. But they can also occur for other reasons, such as weight gain or because of rapid growth in puberty.

You may get people coming to you asking for a remedy. While sunless tanning can definitely help disguise the problem, it’s also important that clients know exactly what stretch marks are and what your airbrush gun can and can’t do for them.

How stretch marks happen

Stretch marks can appear wherever the middle layer (dermis) of the skin is stretched to a point where its elasticity breaks down. When this happens, microscopic bleeding and tissue inflammation occurs. This results in the raised reddish purple look of a new stretch mark. As the dermis is stretched out, the outer layer (epidermis) of the skin is also stretched into translucence. After these marks heal, the scar tissue may fade into a silvery white color that is lighter than the natural skin tone.

Stretch marks = permanent skin damage

Stretch marks are essentially the same as scars. This means that they will look silvery-white. If there’s a significant difference between the natural shade of skin and the stretch marks, the stretch marks will be more noticeable.

What airbrushing tanning can do

Sunless tanning can’t make stretch marks go away. But they can help disguise their appearance. The active ingredient in tanning solutions, DHA, temporarily dyes the surface of skin, even the surface that has been damaged by stretch marks. As a result, skin will have more uniform coloring all over the body.

Everyone has skin imperfections. But with all-natural New Gorgeous solutions, your clients can make the most of what they have with a tan that makes them feel as good as they look. Discover the secret to success: contact us today!

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