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Airbrush tanning old skin

When you’re dealing with clients who are age 50 and older, you have to pay a little more attention to how you go about the spray tan process. And that’s because mature skin is not as moist and elastic as younger skin. But you can still have excellent results if you make sure that your clients prepare for their spray tan sessions properly.

The main active ingredient used in sunless spray tanning solutions, DHA, reacts with the cells in the outermost layer of the skin to produce the tanning effect. When a younger client exfoliates, this ensures that their skin will absorb the tanning solution properly so that they will have the most natural-looking glow possible.

A mature person must exfoliate more vigorously because their skin typically has more dry spots than does younger skin. These areas typically occur on the legs and arms and can be felt as scales or dry spots. Sometimes, they may even take on the appearance of large freckles.

If an older person doesn’t exfoliate (or exfoliate enough) before a spray tan session, he or she may end up with dark tan spots all over. This is because the dry scaly bits along with the knee and elbow areas absorb much more tanning solution as compared to the rest of the skin. These dark spots become more prominent as the tan begins to fade which results in an uneven look.

It’s wise to tell your clients who are 50 and older to pay special attention to the exfoliation process. You can suggest that they use a bath mitt to ensure the best results. Don’t forget to also tell them that lighter shades look more flattering on mature skin than darker ones do.

At New Gorgeous, we believe that spray tanning can make everyone look good. We formulate our sunless tanning solutions with only the finest ingredients and always with the health and well-being of salon clients in mind. We also offer specialized training and certification to airbrush tanning professionals like you to help you make the most out our products and ensure business success. When you want to experience the New Gorgeous difference, contact us!

Call New Gorgeous today at 888-536-8267 for information about starting a profitable spray tanning business.

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