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A Beautiful Glow without the Damage

When it comes to tanning, it is unanimous that people look better with that special radiant glow. However, the potential for damage that comes with sunbathing is too strong to ignore. Can sunless tanning be the answer? Actually, there is no doubt that you can achieve the look you want with natural sunless tanning and avoid the risks associated with lying out in the sun. Here are the top benefits.

  • Safety: The biggest negative about sun tans has to be the potential for skin burns that can lead to skin cancer. When you use sunless tanning products, all those worries vanish. You can apply the lotions and watch yourself get that glow within minutes.

  • Time Saved: Savoring the sun is different than spending hours at the beach to get some color. Why waste all that time when you can get better results in minutes? There is no match for the convenience of a sunless tanning solution.

  • Skin Care: Every sunless tanning package comes with skin moisturizers and other lotions that make your skin as healthy as it is bronzed. Your skin will look beautiful and feel great to the touch.

  • Ability to Control Shade: Some tanning lotions give you an orange color that stands out and doesn’t look attractive. With natural sunless tanning, you can get the exact shade you like, from lightly sun-kissed to extra dark.

  • Expense: How do you get a tan mid-winter? Unless you book a vacation to the Caribbean, you are unlikely to find weather perfect for sunbathing outside of peak summer months. Save your money, with New Gorgeous, you can get the same sun-kissed look but with a glow!

  • Fair Skin Solutions: If you have fair skin, days at the beach can be useless and the only color you’ll get is red which then will peel – no fun. There is no need to go through this scenario when you can use a sunless tanning solution to do the job safely with immediate results!

There is no way to dispute the evidence about the harm the sun can do to the skin. To get better results without the risk, New Gorgeous Sunless is the solution- you’ll be amazed at the results.

For more information contact us at 888.536.8267 with any questions.

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