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5 Airbrush Tanning Tips for the Perfect Tan

The best spray tan results you’ll ever get come from two basic things. One, telling your clients beforehand that the stripped-down approach is best, especially when it comes to skin preparation and post-spray tan care. And two, using healthy, vegan and PETA-certified spray tan products like New Gorgeous’s to yield the most attractive results.

Here are some tips you can offer tanners to ensure they will have the best airbrush tanning experience possible:

1. Scrub it off The first thing a client needs to do is exfoliate their skin with a product such as New Gorgeous’s Sea Salt Scrub. Removing dead skin cells and body oils allows the tanning solution to penetrate more evenly into the skin and gives more lasting results. Clients should also avoid putting on any moisturizer, deodorant, perfume or shaving products.

2. Groom it right Be sure to remind clients of both sexes about how they should deal with shaving or other forms of grooming before coming in for their spray tan session. Women’s legs should be freshly shaved. So should men’s faces. Manicures, pedicures, facials should be done no less than 24 hours before an airbrush application.

3. Dress it down On the actual day of the tanning session, wearing loose, comfortable clothing and open shoes like sandals or flip-flops is a must. That way, clients can minimize rubbing and sweating, both of which could negatively impact how a tan develops.

4. Moisturize it every day A spray tan can last up to two weeks. Because the skin sheds thousands of dead skin cells every day, tanners can expect to lose on average about 25% of their color each day. You can suggest to your clients that they use New Gorgeous’s Anti-Aging Moisture Lock moisturizer or Anti-Aging Tan Extender to maintain their bronzed look longer. For color touch-ups especially around the face and neck, they can use our Brazilian Mist spray-on solution.

5. Keep it chemical-free Some skin care products can speed up the fading process. These include:

• anti-acne lotions and gels like Retin-A • makeup removers • skin toners (especially if they contain high amounts of alchol) • facial masks • exfoliating skin scrubs • depilatory products

Medications that can affect skin health – for example, antibiotics for acne or fungal infections or chemotherapy drugs – can also affect how long a spray tan will last.

For almost 20 years, the experts at New Gorgeous have dedicated themselves to making people look beach-bronzed and beautiful the healthy way. When you’re ready to experience business success the natural way, contact us!

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