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Dark Variety Pack

Dark Variety Pack

Includes multiple bottles of each of our darker New Gorgeous Airbrush Tanning Solutions. The Dark Variety Pack includes: BB1, Competition Formula and Expresso Ultra Dark.
  • About


    is an enhanced version of our Brazilian Blend formula. Perfect for those seeking a flawless dark bronze color with dark brown, never orange, results. BB1 is specially formulated to work well on medium to dark skin tones. This level 4 solution will give the skin 7-12 shades of profound bronze color.

    Competition Formula

    is a favorite among TV soap opera celebrities and talent show competitors because of it’s impeccably brilliant results. Perfect for those seeking a premium dark brown color with brilliant bronze, never orange, results. Being one of our darkest formulas, Competition Formula is specially formulated with medium to dark skin tones in mind. This level 5 solution will give the skin 8-14 shades of extreme bronze color.


    is an ultra dark tanning solution with deep bronze undertones. We have removed the red undertones and increased the cosmetic color creating a bold bronze tan. This level 6 solution will give the skin 9-16 shades of ultra tan color.

  • Spray Tan's Top Coat

    Our Anti-Aging Moisture Lock formulated with Matrixyl helps extend the length of an airbrush application without a tan extender. Matrixyl (palmitoyl pentapeptide 3) is excellent for eliminating fine lines, wrinkles, and cellulite.

    • Seal your sunless tan and add 3-5 days to your tan
    • Clean fresh scent 
    • Hydrates skin

    Client cost:

    $5-$15 Add-On Service.

  • More Info

    • Organic DHA
    • Paraben Free
    • Quick Dry Formula
    • Vegan
    • P.E.T.A approved
    • Made in the U.S.A.

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