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As an airbrush tanning professional, you are dedicated to helping your clients look good. But spray tans are only skin deep. Now, you can also offer them a revolutionary new treatment designed to also help them lose weight and manage painful conditions such as arthritis. Read on to find out more and use the form below to get additional information.

New Gorgeous is pleased to introduce the Formostar Infrared Body Wrap as part of its line of health and beauty products. This system helps diminish the appearance of cellulite on thigh, abdomen and hip areas through the application of far infrared heat. What’s so incredible and convenient about this system is that the treatment pads—which take just a minute to put on and a minute to put off—wrap right over a client’s clothes.

Far infrared energy works at the molecular level by vibrating cell structure. This helps break the connections between deposits, such as fats and toxins which in turn generates heat that is absorbed through the skin. Cellular vibration also:

  • increases dermis temperature

  • enlarges blood vessels

  • stimulates blood circulation

  • activates metabolism in tissues and cells


The result is increased metabolism rates that cause fat tissue to break up and burn excess calories as energy. This in turn assists clients with:

  • body contouring/reshaping

  • fat and weight loss

  • pain relief

  • detoxification

  • skin enhancement

  • improved appearance of cellulite


A 50-minute Formostar session burns the equivalent of 1,200 calories. Over the next 24 hours, a client will continue to burn calories because of elevated metabolic levels. The total a person can burn from just one treatment session can total over 1,400, which is more than he or she can accomplish in the same (one-hour) period doing swimming, jogging, racquetball, cycling or walking.


When you add the Formostar system to your menu of client options, you are not only helping your clients achieve the healthy look they desire, you are also making your own business even more viable. After all, who doesn’t want to lose weight or control a few nagging aches and pains in a way that’s natural and noninvasive.


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