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How to spray tan brides

The start of summer brings with it the beginning of the new wedding season. That means that brides – and a few grooms – are going to be counting on you to help them look golden on their wedding day. Are you prepared?

It’s wise to require that all your wedding clients do a trial spray tan at least two months before the actual ceremony. That way – and especially if they are new to the process – you can see how their skin reacts to the solution and can make adjustments to the color to ensure the best possible wedding day look.

Before the bride (or groom)-to-be comes in for a trial spray tan, tell him or her to do the following:

  • exfoliate, wax and/or shave the day before

  • shower with shower gel or body wash: soap residue can interfere with results

  • avoid using deodorant, perfume and/or makeup

  • moisturize with lotion that does not contain any ingredients (such as alcohol) that will dry skin

Tell your clients that to carefully monitor how their skin responds to their trial spray tan. The day after they get it, they should wear white and do activities, such as walking or running, that will cause them to sweat. That way, they will know what to expect when they put on their wedding clothes.

Once all the color adjustments have been made, then tell your clients to make an appointment a day or two before the actual wedding. With all that testing behind them, they’ll be able to come to their spray tan session knowing that they’ll have one less thing to worry about for that long walk down the aisle.

On the day of the actual session, use solution that will yield a lighter, more natural-looking tan than one that is dark. Deep bronze tans may work for people who want to highlight muscle tone in body building competitions. But they usually do not flatter those who will be dressed in white or ivory-colored gowns or white shirts and tuxedos.

NG’s Slightly Sunkissed or Caribbean Cocktail are two solutions that will help you guarantee the best possible outcome for your wedding clients. They will leave skin lightly tanned without ever overdoing the color. And, like all our other solutions, they dry almost immediately and don’t streak, even when clients perspire.

At New Gorgeous, we make products that salons around the world trust. Our tanning solutions are made from all-natural ingredients and are both vegan and PETA-certified. That makes them perfect for all skins and all occasions. For wedding day tanning glamor that will make your clients feel like the celebrities who swear by our products, contact us today!


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