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Organic Spray Tanning Solution


Aftercare sunless care products are now available in TSA-approved sizes.



NG's Sunless Formulas were designed to compliment all

skin types.

Luxury Sunless Products


Award-winning sunless products among top celebrity makeup artists and salon professionals. 


New Gorgeous is your one-stop-shop for all things sunless tanning. From lotions to sprays, we've got you covered. Get that perfect-kissed glow without the harmful UV rays. Shop now and get ready to glow!

Organic Spray Tanning Solution

Spray Tanning Solution

Discover for yourself why New Gorgeous spray tanning solution reigns as the top choice among spray tanning professionals in the entertainment industry. Our customizable solution empowers you to provide a palette of over 50 unique shade options for your clientele.

Spray tanning add on

Spray Tanning Add-Ons

Enhance your luxury spray tan experience by offering a variety of spray tanning addons. From our spray tanning top coat that adds extra moisture to our spray tanning base coat that preps the skin for a flawless tan, New Gorgeous offers it all.

Spray tanning retail

Spray Tanning Retail

Achieving a flawless tan with our spray tanning solution is just the beginning. To ensure your radiant glow lasts and fades evenly, proper preparation and aftercare are key. Discover the new and exquisite spray tanning products to elevate your tanning experience like never before. Unleash the magic of a perfect tan today!

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